As soon as you walk in, we’ll help you feel at home. Our office has gone paperless; therefore all you need to do is provide your driver’s license and insurance cards. Then it’s time for a consultation with Dr. Adam.

Dr. Adam listens to your health problems and goals. He’ll review your health history and conduct an examination. We have Digital X-ray equipment at our facility so we can see your health more clearly. We’ll be able to look at your digital X-ray immediately, talk about it and come up with your options for care.

Chiropractic Care YOUR Way

We don’t work according to a predefined plan or what an insurance covers. We devise treatment plans based on your individual needs. We’ll do it your way.

Once Dr. Adam identifies the cause of your condition, we explain the procedure and make sure you’re comfortable with it.

Adjustments and Suggestions

We usually begin your care program with adjustments on your first visit. Dr. Adam formulates your customized plan and will perform the necessary care based on your needs. Our adjustments are gentle and effective with the high tech instrument that we use.

After your adjustment, Dr. Adam will give you some health suggestions and exercises for you to follow at home. We’ll set up your next appointment and follow up with you to check on you. Please set aside around 30 minutes for your first visit.

Follow-Up Visits

In your subsequent visits, we’ll see how you’re doing with care. Based on this, Dr. Adam makes customized and necessary changes to your future care to ensure better results and make sure we’re on track with your goals.

We offer both relief care and wellness care, so how often you come to visit Family Chiropractic is completely up to you! Schedule an appointment, get started and feel great.