Very Professional and Knowledgeable

Dr. Fasick is very professional and knowledgeable. One visit with Dr. Fasick got me back to normal compared to multiple visits at another chiropractor that was making my neck and shoulder worse. Highly recommend!

Kurt V.

I Felt Like the Doctor Really Cared

Dr. Fasick was very personable and explained everything in detail. Most of all he spent quite a bit of time with us and I did not feel rushed, or feel like I was just a paycheck, I felt like he really cared. Would definitely recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care.

Terry H.

I Was Relieved

I went in the office in a lot of pain that I was experiencing for the past week. Within 2 hours after my visit most of the pain subsided and by the following day I was relieved even further. I am looking forward to working with the doctor for continued improvement.

Charmane B.

Felt Very Comfortable

I felt Dr Fasick really listened to my concerns and didn’t talk over my head. He gave me different options plus time to go home and think about my decision in a no pressure way. I felt very comfortable talking to him.

Carole B.

Highly Recommend

I very much appreciate Dr. Fasick working with me on my limited schedule and budget. His adjustments have so far helped my overall stiffness and pain in my back and shoulders, and I hope to continue feeling better! Great recommendation from a coworker; my only wish is that he was closer to where I live. I highly recommend the services at Family Chiropractic.

Angela G.

Thank You!

Dr Adam plan to getting me better was exactly as he said! Thank you again for taking me out of my pain!!

Kim M.

Above and Beyond

He went above and beyond I have a high blood sugar count and he provided much info I needed to learn more about the correct foods to help controls and to help my blood sugars lower

Preston S.

Always Helps

Dr. Fasick always helps me feel better after my appointment with him. He seems to always know the right places to fix to put me back in alignment.

Ronnie S.

Appreciate Time Given

I especially appreciate the time you give to me when I visit. I never have left feeling that I was rushed. Also being able to pop in on short notice brings back memories of family doctors who were more not detached, but actually made patients feel like they were individuals.

Lester P.

Giving A Healthy Way Of Life

I am writing this short note to thank you for the excellent chiropractic care we as a family have received from you for the past 7 years .Your are a knowledgeable, caring gifted chiropractor and as patients we can definitely feel and relate to. You are interested in helping and informing others of how chiropractic care can give people a healthy way of life. Bravo to you my friend. We look forward to our next visit.

Terence A.

Neck Relief

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for kindness and excellent care my neck, received during my recent hospitalization. Thank you for your kindness. Competent, sensitive physicians like you are the prize of the medical profession.

I cannot say enough good about you. I am thankful that I am around since last Saturday. Your treatment has worked on me. I still have a little pain on my arm and shoulder which is getting better day by day and I believe this is quite normal since nerves has been damaged.


Kind Regards
Ibrahim AKAR

Back on Course

It was a sports-aggravated neck injury from quite a few years ago that often was taking the fun out of my life and making me feel miserable. As an avid competitive golfer, I could not complete my golf swing without pain and numbness.

At work at my desk or at home with projects around the house, the pain continued to be a distraction and a growing cause for concern. My search for relief took me through a series of medical doctors, neurologists and other chiropractors. Some suggested surgery, while others prescribed strong pain relievers that only masked the pain.

I had heard about a new technology in chiropractic that was available at Family Chiropractic. My consultations with Dr. Fasick resulted in a fresh, new approach combined with the precise, computer-assisted chiropractic adjustments he could offer. The UltrAlign Instrumentation system got right at the source of my problems.

Dr. Fasick’s creative counseling and adjustments have significantly reduced my pain. I no longer feel I have to go through a surgical procedure like I was planning earlier. The adjustments have increased my mobility and flexibilty so I can get back on the course this golfing season WITHOUT THE PAIN.

John U.

Chiropractic Care and More

I appreciate the quality treatment I have received from Dr. Fasick. Beyond accurate chiropractic adjustments, he has provided compassionate counseling regarding my overall health concerns. He is willing to work with my other medical providers in my best interest.

Recently, I asked Dr. Fasick about the “Doctor Supervised Chiro Hcg Weight Loss Program”. He explained the plan and then recommended it for me, resulting in significant weight loss and much improved lab test results. I am diabetic and suffer from neuropathy.

Because of this program, I have reduced my blood glucose by 70+ points and have been taken off my diabetes prescriptions by my primary care doctor. My blood pressure medications have also been reduced as my blood pressure is back to a normal range.


What Was I Waiting For?

After years of bring a skeptic about chiropractic benefits, I finally gave my arthritic body over to Dr. Adam. He knows the exact spot of the pain and is able to relieve it. What was I waiting for?!!?

N. McMillan

Auto Accident Pain Relief

I was in a rollover accident in 2005. I experienced a lot of injuries from the wreck and after two and half years of experiencing severe neck and back pain along with headaches that would knock me down to the point of being sick to my stomach and laying in bed.

My father had been going to Dr. Fasick and recommended me to start visiting his office. I’m glad I did because my neck, back pain and headaches are virtually gone…something I thought NEVER would happen. Also, the friendly services are appreciated.

Kyle M.

Chiropractic Care Instead of Surgery

For 6 months I had excruciating shoulder pain and numbness down my left arm and into my hand and fingers. It was finally diagnosed as neck problems from my C3-T1 vertebrae. I had several mild disc bulges and a herniated disc that was causing all this discomfort.

The orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery for a torn rotator cuff. I took my MRI results to Dr. Fasick who recommended chiropractic adjustments BEFORE surgery. I began seeing Dr. Fasick two to three times a week. After 3 weeks, I had little pain or numbness. Dr. Fasick continues to adjust me weekly for maintenance. I am PAIN AND NUMBNESS FREE!


Surgery Avoided after Car Accident

I know there is so much controversy between chiropractic and medical care, but if it wasn’t for chiropractic I would still be in pain. A car accident left me with constant lower back pain. I tried everything from pain killers to preparing to have surgery. I heard stories from my friends who had surgery and to this day wish they never had it.

So I decided to go to a chiropractor before the surgery and I am so thankful that I did. My back pains are gone and I am living my life to the fullest and pain free.

John S., Back Pain Sufferer

Osteopath Refers Patients to Dr. Adam

I’m a family doctor in Hartland. Recently a new patient in her 90’s was seen having awful arthritis and DJD pain. When I saw her back a few months later she was remarkably better and spoke of her treatments with Dr. Fasick.

I was truly amazed at the change in this woman and have no doubts that the treatments with the ProAdjuster are effective. I have already referred two patients to you and would appreciate it if your staff could mail be some business cards.

I recognize that no single treatment modality works for/on everyone and I have no reservations referring patients for chiropractic treatment. The ProAdjuster is gentle and this is really great for our elderly patients.

Dr. Berlin, Osteopath

Knee Pain & Hand Numbness Relieved

I have suffered from TMJ, knee pain and tingling in my hands for years and have tried non-evasive treatments to no avail. The very first time Dr. Fasick adjusted me using the ProAdjuster I felt relief like never before – and it actually lasted!

I traveled by plane a couple days later and felt none of my usual knee pain or hand numbness during the week-long trip. Now, if I start experiencing any symptoms, I see Dr. Fasick and his ProAdjuster BEFORE the pain and discomfort sets in.

Beth M.